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This Web Site is designed to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding the formation of the Board, its members, the course, course syllabus, credentialing system, exams, fees etc. It includes the statements declaring the Code of Ethics and Code of Practice for  Perfusionist, and contains the Registry of Australasian Certified  Perfusionists which is current at the time of writing. News and updates from the ABCP can be found on the ABCP News page

ABCP Autotransfusion Course

The ABCP Autotransfusion Course schedule and forms are now online. Contact the ABCP secretary for further details.


Important Message to all Perfusion Units and Perfusion Trainees

Perfusion Education in Australia and New Zealand

In an email to all their students, Swinburne University announced in January  2010, that their Masters of Applied Science (Perfusion) course was to be no longer offered.

The ABCP and ANZCP then had a small window to try and find a University that was both willing and able to run the Masters program.
Over the last fifteen months the ABCP and ANZCP has approached Universities in Victoria, NSW, South Australia, and New Zealand. Unfortunately we have not been able to find any University that was able to provide a suitable program.
Units around Australia and New Zealand are appointing trainees and there is now no course  for these trainees to enrol into.
The ABCP still continues to try and find and find the course a new home in either an Australian or New Zealand University, however we had set ourselves a deadline of March 2011 to do so. This deadline has come and with no firm offer on the table the ABCP and ANZCP have to look at alternative ways of providing perfusion education in Australia and New Zealand.  
The ABCP will recommence providing the Diploma of Perfusion course as of June 2011.
This course will only be open to those employed in Hospitals as perfusionists or perfusion trainees. Once it has re-established the course, the ABCP will provide the content for it  for a minimum of six years.
This does not mean that the ABCP and ANZCP will cease to pursue alternative homes for the Perfusion course, on the contrary the ABCP and ANZCP will continue to look for alternative providers of perfusion education that are both suitable and economically viable for both the student and the ANZCP. The breathing space that running the course for a minimum of six years affords us, is that we will not feel pressured to rush any decisions, and therefore will be able to negotiate the best possible outcome for both the ANZCP and the future trainees.
The new course that the ABCP will offer will be a hybrid of the Swinburne Course and the original ABCP course. It is envisaged that students will be able to complete the course in a minimum of two and half years.
For information on enrolling into the course please visit the Board pages on the website or contact the secretary Mr. Mark Mennen.

Mark Mennen
Chairman ABCP

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